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Emergency First Response (Erste-Hilfe-Kurs)

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Become a First Responder!

There are two different kinds of EFR programmes which can be offered - only the first supply or first and secondary supply - with or without optional skills, e.g. the use of the external automatic defibrillators and oxygen in emergencies, etc..

RedSea-Divers teaches the complete programme, with first and secondary supply and all optional skills. We believe that the complete programme will prepare you better in how to act in an emergency and for this reason we´ve decided to present all skills and the entire equipment. The programme takes a whole day. Dressing material and the certification fees are included in the course price. Additionally you must acquire an EFR manual and we recommend that you also possess your own EFR video. This helps you even after completion of the course, to keep your skills up-to-date.

The following will be taught during the course:

  • Evaluating the situation
  • Use of safety devices
  • Primary evaluation
  • Emergency artificial respiration
  • CPR for adult victim and a rescuer
  • Handling heavy bleedings
  • Shock treatment
  • Handling spinal column injuries
  • Recommended skill: handling the automatic external defibrillator
  • Recommended skill: handling danger of suffocation with a fully conscious adult
  • Recommended skill: emergency administration of oxygen
  • Evaluation of injuries
  • Evaluation of illnesses
  • Dressings
  • Splints for luxations and fraktures

Consider joining the course with the half day first-aid with oxygen programme (DAN), as this goes beyond the basis of the use of oxygen in emergencies and teaches you a deeper knowledge in the meaning and the use of oxygen in dive-specific emergencies. You should allow a whole day for the EFR course.

The following conditions must be fulfilled:

  • Brevet: none
  • Minimum age: none
  • Medical certificate: no

According to the learning standards, every candidate has to have his own latest manual. If you want to get it by your own before travelling or if you order it here - you decide of course.

Our reduced prices are getting visible after your registration.
These prices are only valid in case of prebooking before starting the yourney and moneytransfer to our german bank account. Mind, that in case of prebooking, but payment locally, the egyptian sales tax must be charged.

Starting from the 15th May `05, the egyptian government has introduced a reef tax. Similar to a cure tax in german health resorts, in Egypt is a tax (2,- € per Person/day) charged, if participating at a boat trip. In order of government this tax is collected locally. 

The known regulations concerning the tax for visiting egyptian national parks endure. The egyptian government charges 3,- € per Person/day if a boat trip leads on to a national park. Also this tax is collected locally.

Our prices are fixed and valid the whole year. Exept the prementioned taxes, no additonal costs does exist. We confirm every booking via email, so that all costs of your acitvities during your holiday are absolutely transparent.

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